Monday, December 5, 2011

Im finally a Licensed Professional.

I have a license to.... practice my degree,

That makes me of 7% of the Mexican population with a license to practice their degree.... so I'm sorry, I won't be settling for less, mearly because it cost me months of my life, and years of studying so if anyone here in mexico wants me to work for a couple of pesos, sorry, I'm most certainly NOT doing it.

So the adventure begins, real life starts, and a full time job starts.... it has been a pleasure.

This might be goodbye from this blog, who knows. COLLEGE LIFE IS OFFICIALLY OVER WITH!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The grande return.

Well, it has been an interesting 24 weeks overall. I have learned a lot about people in general.

After the grand escape I have bragged for months about, AKA break from all of this, I have realized that time does change things. But the most valuable things stay the same, it's the small insignificant things that change, the important ones might evolve but for good.

I have returned to the motherland, filled with optimistic pressure to finish my dissertation and yahllah -one of many Arabic words I've learned in the exchange program- getting a respectable job. It is time, this will be my last semester working at my University.

New York was a blast, filled with adventures, that is my city indeed, it has everything I love, politics, economics, multicultural, art, crazy folks, 24 hour subway, partaaays, hot men in the subway, and great views. This trip had it all, drunken craziness, art, sightseeing, funny moments, rockstar moments, limitless possibilities, adventures, randomness, dangerous stuff going on in the subway, shopping, etc.

The most important thing I have learned is that there is a way to avoid getting into painful or uncomfortable situations, we are not victims, we many times put ourselves in situations that in the end will be very painful. And I have made myself the promise of no longer doing that with a certain someone. When it's over, it's over and that's it.... it all has a time stamp, and ending, and expiration date and we have to live and respect it we can't prolong things, or make them last as much as we want to.

and I end with a personal quote, "If you claim to have a life, live it, don't be incongruous about it..." YMC (that is me).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Why is it when everything is going to hell, when a lot of things are screwed over, you show up in that precise moment, are willing to listen to me, to tell me I'm right, and to even make jokes on how right I am??

That's another reason why I love you even more, it doesn't matter if it's 3 AM on a Tuesday, you listen and comfort me. You are the voice of reason when everything is just a pile of idiotic crap. I know you have done your fare share of things that have hurt me, I know I gave you power over me, I know I have also hurt you. But in the end, it doesn't matter how far you are, the time of day, you are always there, you have always been there.

You want to help humanity, you want to get rid of the crazies and the dumb, you show me how right I am. I know I can't expect things from people who don't seem to deserve it, but the fact that your voice soothes me, is worth it all the way.
---- to be continued------

Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been analyzing the whole "copywrite" thing in the US throughout these last couple of months.... there has been numerous cases that pertain the piracy issue in the US. Like the guy that got finned over half a million dolla, for downloading some songs over the P2P network limewire (which eventually made the network shut down).
This reminds me of the time of Napster.... it was a great time to live, at 13 with a telephone modem computer, with AOL... good times, yes. But that didn't last.

The matter in question is, why can't people upload their files to share without making a profit off it. It's just like sharing a dvd to a friend so he can watch a movie, I'm not making a profit off it. That criteria should be used in these cases. If I upload a cd I bought so people can download it and enjoy it as much as I do, they should be able to, I'm not charging them.

For example, the latest controversy is upload servers like Megaupload, Rapidshare and Hotfile... they are really making a profit with the stuff that's uploaded, but the users aren't. The scenario is painted like so: individual A, uploads to server B content C..... individual D finds the content on the server and downloads it, but the server B gives you the option to have an account to download the content at a faster speed, so technically they aren't making a profit with the content but they are with a "service". Although in most cases, user A and D get penalized because of uploading and downloading the content, being that they aren't making any money off it. I find it quite unfair.

Don't get me wrong, I know the music industry, movie industry and tv productions are suffering, but seriously you can't blame piracy for that, that's because these industries have been trying the same models for selling content, and it's getting old for users. You really don't want to see these industries affected, but there's technological advances that allow you to record TV shows?? Really, so who's fault is it??

You should have thought of that before, because like many things in technology, there's no way back. I love technology, I will always be for it, no matter what Herbet Marcuse says in the Unidimensional Man, it is a sign of progress, and information is power. Society and it's laws are always behind technology, if you really want to regulate you have to be a lot more on the verge of the newest things. And that goes out to the governments, industries and tech companies.... so quit complaining......

Monday, March 7, 2011

Things keep moving....

It's been a while, I'm thinking of shutting down this blog because, well I don't write in it as much. I've used it to vent a lot, but now.... I just don't see the point. Ohh well, let's see, I decided not to write in February (for the most part) because, the month sucks, but now that we're in March I can do so.

Several important things have happened. First and foremost... my high school mentor died, and I was here, once again not being able to go to the service (it just brings back memories of me not being able to say goodbye). I can honestly say, that a lot is lost without him.... he was a wonderful, talented man.

On a better note, things are good here, I like it, I don't lie I do miss my life in Mexico, specially the good people in my life there. Here it's ok, but it's never the same. I talk to my friends back home as much as I can, but it's never the same. I was able to see Robyn LIVE!!! That was a wonderful experience, since I'm not going to Coachella.

The NYC plan is on, we just have to figure out where we're going to live for 15 days!!! (I'm looking forward to reuniting with the tripod... May 20th in the airport, it's going to be crazy).

On a better note, I'm better now, I've been moving on from... "my postmodern" relationship... I'm not as intense about things with him as I was when I got here, I'm starting to forgive myself for my stupidity. That's a good thing. I know it seems like I always talk about him, but he's an important part of my life that I can't ignore and let go just like that.

I do good in school, I find it easier than back home. I have good times and drinking freenzys what more can I ask for.....
Till the next time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Angry people do stupid things

Well, I've been living here for a month now, it's great. I have a good time, I'm getting my dissertation done and going to class. I get to talk to my friends almost everyday. New York is closer by the minuet. I have a wonderful roommate.

I do like US college life, even if it's in a small town. It's quite nice, good installations, lots of activities (yes, by that I mean parties). I could seriously get use to this. I know I will hate going back to "my home country". But ohh well, that's the way life is.

On the other hand, things didn't end good at all with a guy, and I must confess that I have been angry with him and with myself since I got here. No one had to prove anything to anyone but he decided to prove something, and he sure as hell did it!! And now, we don't speak, and I'm pissed as hell. And that's when anger makes me do stupid things that only screw me over, no one else but me. It's really pathetic that out of anger I screw myself over, and more so when it's due to my anger to a guy who's having the time of his life.

I really must get that part of my life in order.

And I insist, February even though it's only 28 days long, it manages to be the crappiest month eveeer. Every crappy thing in my life has happened in February. A bad thing you name it, February.... so I'm not a fan of this month. I just hope no more bad news comes my way!!

Well, enough procrastinating for one day!! It is Super Bowl Weekend, and the PACKS are up for the title so I must get to it.

Monday, January 3, 2011


When I started this whole plan to escape, it's something I've always wanted, and as it turns out I need it. I convinced myself it would be the best thing, I for self growth, adventure, getting away from some crappy people that were surrounding me (from school), and getting over you; hell it had a lot to offer.

I made up a perfect plan, I convinced cognitively every part of me. That it was for the best.

And I began a process to get over you, it was great, but that lasted about 2 seconds, because in some way you attracted me right back to you. And not just in some way, but in the way that showed me that I'm important in your life. And theres nothing better than the feeling that you matter in someones life, and better yet, in the person you loves life. I'm all for the adventure, even though your irreplaceable, your the best guy in my life.

Although I know I'm doing the right thing, I must leave, I'm not turning back, I'm not leaving any space for regret. I need to move on, maybe the distance will let that happen, or maybe it will show both of us how much we may or may not need each other, there's a lot of uncertainty, and that no longer bothers me, what ever happens, will happen, and there's no inhuman force that can stop it.

I know there's a lot to gain from all this, theres a lot to learn, to rethink; but there's nothing to cry over or e upset about. It's all good. Maybe it wasn't our time, or it will never be -who knows- and there's no use wasting my time or other peoples time debating that.

The truth of the matter is that you can't put your life on hold for someone, it's not that easy. That's a selfish choice I made and learned a long time ago thanks to extraordinary circumstances.